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Greatness Unleashed

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 23 Μαρ 2020

Every story needs a hero, a champion that overcomes the odds and achieves their own form of greatness. Not all champions wear gold medals or title belts, but they do give whatever it takes to achieve their goals and become the best that they can be. Their effort is not given some of the time, but all of the time, again and again. They are never satisfied, never content, never complacent and always pushing harder and higher

Some people believe they are special and entitled to greatness. Others believe that greatness is only for the chosen few, the ones that have been ordained by destiny. The truth is that greatness is not in one special place, or one special person. We’re all born with the seeds of greatness. What separates those with greatness from everyone else is the way they think. To them greatness is not about talent, resources, connections, wealth or luck. It’s about resourcefulness and work ethic, doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals, a willingness to commit to the effort that others won’t, so they can achieve the greatness that others can’t.

Every journey towards greatness begins from humble ambition, and from that ambition comes a fire that drives one to work harder, dream bigger, preserve longer and grow into greatness. Unfortunately, most people don’t achieve greatness because their dreams become shrouded by failure, frustration and the routine of day to day life. They end up settling for less than they are capable and spend their lives without as much as an attempt to taste victory. Eventually, their flame of desire simply fades away. But for those who are willing to be the champions, the ones that do achieve greatness, that fire never fades away. It burns so fiercely that they have no choice but to succeed.

Great athletes model a life of greatness. They teach us valuable lessons that apply to day to day life. Through training and competing they demonstrate the value of hard work, discipline, respect and courage. They teach us to overcome adversity and persevere through tough times. They learn to improve their skills and learn new ones and be humble enough to know when to ask for help. Athletes learn to hold themselves accountable and also hold others accountable. They know that everyone is human and that everyone makes mistakes, but they also know that there is always a next time, another chance, a different way to try again and again.

True greatness is earned by the man who stays in the game. They may be covered with dust and sweat and tears, and fail again and again, but they continue to strive valiantly because they are devoted to their cause. They know, in the end, even if they fail spectacularly, at least they fail while daring greatly and will never rest with those “cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat”.

Anyone can develop the mindset of a champion and learn to lead a champions life. Each of us can reach peak performance by giving our best effort, staying professional in the face of adversity and approaching challenges like a hero. We have the ability to discover that greatness which is already inside and unleash that greatness from within. We are each given a choice in every moment to ask ourselves, “how will I show up for my life today?”. And if you willing to be a true champion, then you will choose greatness.

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