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Alison McLea Infinity

Hailing from the beaches of Santa Monica, California Alison McLea has been involved with fitness her entire life.  Whether practicing acro-yoga on the greens in Venice, slacklining at Gibbons Park on Muscle Beach, weight training at Gold’s Gym with world-class bodybuilders or studying GyrotonicsÔ in the Black Forest of Germany with founder Julio Horvath, her passion has always been the human body and the path to well-being.  As a result, Alison has participated in years of study, education, training, and teaching which has provided her with a level of expertise that is impossible to replicate.


Her experience has brought her from co-founding Exhale Studios in Los Angeles California and earning yoga training certifications with Shiva Rea and Max Strom to supporting the development of The Class by Taryn Toomey’s in Los Angeles, to becoming a founding partner at Beyond Fitness in Glyfada Greece.


Through her 35-year journey working with the body, she has developed a profound knowledge of the of the human anatomy and developed a holistic fitness program that integrates her years of study with the latest scientific findings on the skeletal-neuromuscular system, the nervous system, and the mind/body connections to create a practice known as The Infinity Program.


The Infinity Program is a one-hour practice that incorporates Gyrotonics, functional movement, yoga, and energy work in a carefully crafted sequence of rhythmic movements, physical exertions, emotional expressions and physiological integration to challenge your body to release, reorganize and rewire dysfunctional and ineffective habitual patterns.  The result; a healthier way to move, heal and interact with the world.


Having successfully introduced the Infinity Practice to the Hollywood and Silicon Valley elite, she is now bringing Infinity to a global audience starting with her partnership at Beyond Fitness.

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